About Us

Sira Organics is a community platform to deliver healthy, local & sustainable organic food from farms. We are committed to a sustainable food system to provide maximum benefits to both producers and consumers and contribute towards food sovereignty.

Our Philosophy

Nutritious & Affordable Food for All

Nutritious & Affordable Food for All

Our commitment is to make nutritious and healthy organic food accessible to everyone. We provide direct access from multiple farms across the nation, that grow food without any synthetic chemicals. Food grown organically is more nutritious and healthy in comparison to conventional counterparts. Buying food directly from farms is also easy on your budget as there are no middle persons in the supply chain.


Authentic as Nature Intend it to be

We believe that the quality of food we are consuming determines the quality of our life. Nature has provided us with authentic and pure food. All farmers associated with us believe in giving back to nature by practicing regenerative and natural farming methods.

Source Traceability

Source Traceability

We should be aware of the source of our food. We believe in making the supply chain transparent. We provide information about the farm on which food is grown and complete visibility from sowing to packaging. Apart from knowing about the source of food, we must build a personal relationship with farmers.


Sustainable Food System

We should not abuse nature for it to feed us. We believe in a food system that sequesters carbon in the soil and makes a positive impact. We must avoid synthetic chemicals in growing food as they deteriorate our land and water quality. We promote regenerative and natural farming methods. Farmers associated with us also use sustainable packaging.

Sira Bazar

Bazar is a marketplace where farmers associated with us sell their organic farm produce at a reasonable price. Every time you buy from Bazar, you contribute towards food sovereignty. You can know more about the products by visiting our Bazar Page.

Our Partner Farms

We bring you farms from different parts of the country. Each farm has a unique story and a history of practicing regenerative and natural farming. You can know more about each of the farms by visiting our farms' page.

Conscious Consumer

If you believe in a sustainable and healthy future for you and your loved ones, we welcome you to be a part of our conscious consumers' community. Click the link below to register with us as a conscious consumer.

Regenerative & Organic Farmer

If you understand and appreciate the importance of regenerative and natural farming, we welcome you to be a part of our farmers' community. Click the link below to register with us as a farmer.

Community Chief

If you believe in food sovereignty and be a part of a sustainable food system, we welcome you to be a part of our community chiefs program. Click the link below to know more about the community chief program.