About Us

"The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act" - Vandana Shiva  

Our Story

The 2020 crisis taught us many things; the failure of our present systems, the fragile balance of nature, the importance of eating nourishing food, and our reliance on nature. We made Sira in response to the food systems failure that we witnessed.

One afternoon of March 2020, when the flights came to a stop, it forced two strangers in Europe, to take a halt. Little did they know that they will form a bond. With a passionate quest to change the norm, they started an organization to help the farm!.

We started Siraorganics with an aim to bridge the ‘good food gap’ where, unlike Europe, the farmer in India didn’t have sovereign rights over their products and people were being fed pesticide-ridden, genetically modified food, funded by corporations. India lost more than 94% of its vegetable seed varieties in the 20th century alone as a result of this.

We strive to save traditional local foods like millets, sorghum, cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, wild vegetable varieties, etc which are not only healthy but also tasty! We do this by making access easier for buyers. The more organic, local, and traditional you buy, the more you encourage the farmer to grow them! With more farmers growing them, more would be the availability!

Welcome to Sira Organics

We help organic farmers to connect them directly with you so that you can order organic food direct from farm at farm-gate prices and farmers can get the right price for their farm produce.

Our Vision


We are what we eat, but how many people actually know what we are eating. How many people think of the farmer who have actually produced it? We want food cheap. There is a competition between companies who are also paying low to the farmers. Because of this, farming is becoming unviable and our farmers are becoming indebted.

99% of pesticides used in farming goes into the environment, only 1% kill the insects. We only have 60 harvests left if we keep using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow our food.

Hence, we must move towards a sustainable way of agriculture where we meet todays food needs without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. We should stop thinking that only farmer is responsible for what they are growing. As consumers we have equal responsibility of what we are consuming.

Our vision is to create a world where regenerative farming is normative and people have easy access to naturally grown unadulterated food.

Our Mission


Many ecological and societal impacts of excessive use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides in growing our food are apparent today; drastic loss of soil nutrients has caused the land to become infertile, loss of groundwater has become a common occurrence in agricultural areas, loss of multiple distinct indigenous crops, excessive presence of pesticides residues in food and environment.

Farmers who understand these impacts on the environment as well as on our health have switched to the traditional way of natural farming.

High prices due to multiple middle persons involved in supply chain and trust issues created by brands selling inorganic products with organic labels discourages consumers to buy organic food.

Our mission is to provide a trustworthy platform to enable organic farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers and to provide our conscious consumers a convenient access to naturally grown unadulterated food at fair prices.

What makes us unique

Direct From Farm

Direct From Farm

When you order food from us, it gets shipped direct from our partner farms.

Farm-gate Prices

Farm-gate Prices

Grown on farm, packed by farmers and prices decided by farmers themselves.

Source Traceability

Source Traceability

You know the farm on which your food is grown, how it is grown and who grew it.

Naturally Grown Food

Naturally Grown Food

Nature wasn't abused for it to feed you.

Benefits for you

Benefits to you

Easy accessibility of farm fresh organic food at farm-gate prices delivered to your doorstep.

Complete visibility on how your food was grown and who grew it.

Encourage better health of you, your family and the soil.

Benefits for Farmers

Benefits to Sellers

Complete end market control and the complete visibility on who is buying from your farm.

Flexibility to decide the price for their produce and no hassle for negotiations.

A bigger market reach and complete control over the region in which you want to sell .

Sira's Tribute to our Farmers

Here's to organic and regenerative farmers, who understand how the nature works, who feed the same food to you as to their children, who believe that we need to work in a harmony with nature to get the best out of it, who want to make this world better for living, who prefers soil health over any profit. We, at Sira, are at a war with conventionally grown food and it is not going to be easy. We need to go back to our roots and encourage everyone around us to be more cautious on what food we consume. We need to change how the world consumes food and we may sound crazy to many but the one who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.