Community Chief

As a community chief with Sira, you will run an area collection and distribution point in your neighborhood for a few hours a week. You supply products from our farmers, artisans, and chefs to conscious consumers who want to lead a healthy life. It's preferable if you run this business in a central location to maximize your profits. It should be a location that is easily visible, accessible and has a social function like a restaurant, cafe, community center, etc. You can also use your housing society common space. 

About Sira Organics

With Sira Organics, we are building a system of authentic, unadulterated, fair organic grocery delivery so that everyone can access the best of nature at an affordable cost. We do this by offering customers a complete range of local food products from certified farms and artisans. Customers order their groceries online and pick them up from a nearby collection point. The farmers receive a fair price for their products and customers also get groceries at a fair cost. For us, every person involved is important. We give full transparency and you can read about the origin, the farmer, and cultivation method. This way food becomes something personal again. :)

Before your groceries reach the supermarket, they usually travel a long way past various middle persons. As a result, a product is usually less fresh and tasteful and you often know little about where it comes from. The farmer often pays the price for that smashing offer in the supermarket. The consequence? Less quality, less transparency about the origin, and more artificial additives.

Sira Organics believes that this can be done differently. By connecting farmers and consumers and by working together. For example, we encourage sustainable solutions for production and transport and we combat food waste by working without trading stock. Check here for our mission and purchasing philosophy.  

Community Chiefs wanted!

We are looking for neighborhood chiefs who help us build the alternative food chain with their pick-up point. Do you have a passion for food, do you understand what hospitality is, do you want to ensure that your neighborhood has access to local food, and can you start a conversation about it? Do you like to run your pop-up collection point once a week, as a forerunner in your neighborhood or as an independent entrepreneur? Then becoming a community chief might be something for you.

These kinds of people become community chiefs

Our existing group of community chiefs are located in many places and has a diversity of people. Do you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions below?

  • You are enthusiastic about honest local food and would like to contribute to it yourself. You have the space and enjoy being a collection point for Sira so that your neighbors can pick up their orders from you. This way you can also build a local food chain in your neighborhood.
  • You have a shop, lunchroom, cafe, or hotel and you see that your customer group might enjoy organic food. A collection point is a nice addition for your customers and attracts the conscious consumer to your store.
  • You have a business in food or social entrepreneurship and you like running a pick-up point and it fits well into your week. You know what entrepreneurship is and can take on the next challenge.
  • You have a nice job, but you are looking for something fun to do with it. You are considering volunteering, but building a small business that makes the world and your environment more sustainable fits very well.
  • You want to do something that you learn from and where you can take a step in your development. Owning your own business is quite exciting, but it is the next step you are going to take. A pick-up point is a perfect size and school for you.


The advantages of having your collection point are:

  • you can actively contribute to another food chain
  • you are part of a network in your neighborhood and a food network in the city
  • you learn a lot about your region, farmers, and products
  • you buy products at a discount or you get a margin on the turnover
  • you can tackle your pick-up point entrepreneurially and have a nice profit from it
  • you can benefit from synergy with your other activities

As a district chief, you get a discount on your groceries or you can build a small business with a margin (3 – 17%) on the turnover of your collection point. You can choose how enterprising you want to put in and how much effort, risk and entrepreneurship suits you. This also determines how much time it takes and how many financial returns you will have. In consultation with us, you decide how you want to use your collection point.



To make your collection point successful for you, for us, and for the customers, you must be well aware of the following aspects. Some of these you may already be familiar with, for the others, we will provide manuals and training. The more extensive you want to make your collection point, the more you need to know about:

  • Recruitment and promotion
  • Hospitality
  • Product knowledge, suppliers, and preparation
  • HACCP / food safety
  • The Sira ordering system
  • Accountancy

Before you start with your neighborhood point, we ask you to prepare this well. To do this, you draw up a well-thought-out plan in advance and go through a familiarization period. You provide yourself (or in consultation with us) a place to promote your collection point and you start promoting your neighborhood point to recruit your first group of customers. We also ask you to get to know our range and farmers well. It is always possible to work with an existing district chief to gain experience. We provide complete training and also give personal support for as long as you need. 


Support Straightway

Sira offers you a regional food chain, city-wide marketing, a strong brand, and a great following to start up your neighborhood point. You are responsible for the communication, operation, and growth of your neighborhood point. The regional coordinator of Sira maintains active contact about your development and offers guidance where necessary. Before you start, you will go through a short training course and receive the necessary instructions. You do all orders and keep track of your assortment via the order system that Sira offers for this.