A world where regenerative farming is normative and people have easy access to naturally grown unadulterated food.


Our Vision

We are what we eat, but how many people actually know what we are eating. How many people think of the farmer who have actually produced it? We want food cheap. There is a competition between companies who are also paying low to the farmers. Because of this, farming is becoming unviable and our farmers are becoming indebted.

99% of pesticides used in farming goes into the environment, only 1% kill the insects. We only have 60 harvests left if we keep using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow our food.

Hence, we must move towards a sustainable way of agriculture where we meet todays food needs without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs. We should stop thinking that only farmer is responsible for what they are growing. As consumers we have equal responsibility of what we are consuming.

Our Mission

Many ecological and societal impacts of excessive use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides in growing our food are apparent today; drastic loss of soil nutrients has caused the land to become infertile, loss of groundwater has become a common occurrence in agricultural areas, loss of multiple distinct indigenous crops, excessive presence of pesticides residues in food and environment.

Farmers who understand these impacts on the environment as well as on our health have switched to the traditional way of natural farming.

High prices due to multiple middle persons involved in supply chain and trust issues created by brands selling inorganic products with organic labels discourages consumers to buy organic food.

Our mission is to provide a trustworthy platform to enable organic farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers and to provide our conscious consumers a convenient access to naturally grown unadulterated food at fair prices.