Our Story

The 2020 crisis taught us many things; the failure of our present systems, the fragile balance of nature, the importance of eating nourishing food, and our reliance on nature. We made Sira in response to the food systems failure that we witnessed.

One afternoon of March 2020, when the flights came to a stop, it forced two strangers in Europe, to take a halt. Little did they know that they will form a bond. With a passionate quest to change the norm, they started an organization to help the farm!.

We started Siraorganics with an aim to bridge the ‘good food gap’ where, unlike Europe, the farmer in India didn’t have sovereign rights over their products and people were being fed pesticide-ridden, genetically modified food, funded by corporations. India lost more than 94% of its vegetable seed varieties in the 20th century alone as a result of this.

We strive to save traditional local foods like millets, sorghum, cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, wild vegetable varieties, etc which are not only healthy but also tasty! We do this by making access easier for buyers. The more organic, local, and traditional you buy, the more you encourage the farmer to grow them! With more farmers growing them, more would be the availability!

Our Tribute to Farmers

Here's to organic and regenerative farmers, who understand how the nature works, who feed the same food to you as to their children, who believe that we need to work in a harmony with nature to get the best out of it, who want to make this world better for living, who prefers soil health over any profit.

We need to go back to our roots and encourage everyone around us to be more cautious on what food we consume.