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Heera Panna

Chana Dal

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Chana dal is a great source of energy and vegetarian protein and are extremely high in fibre.

Being a rich anti-oxidant, Chana dal reduces the damage done by free radicals to blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

The high fibre content allows slow release of the glucose into the bloodstream and manage blood sugar levels.

Being rich in Magnesium improves insulin response by lowering insulin resistance. It has a high amount of potassium and a low amount of sodium which makes it very effective in regulating your blood pressure.

It is fat and cholesterol-free which helps in losing some extra pounds.

It has Zinc which helps in building immunity, is good for skin, great anti-oxidant, and is good for your eyes.

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Meet the farmer

Heera Panna

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We are 18 farmer families of Rajasthan. We are sowing indigenous organic seeds for many generations with limited organic grains and pulses. We care about our crop like a jewel hence the name 'Heera Panna'. We believe in traditional ways of processing through hands. Purity is our utmost priority.