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Mojo Plantation

Civet Coffee Roasted Beans

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Civet coffee Recognized for their deep “forest” flavours, civet coffee beans are collected in the coffee plantations at Mojo. Wild Palm Civets roam freely around the plantation when coffee berries are ripening. They choose the sweetest and most succulent fruits, digest the flesh, and the seeds are exposed to proteolytic enzymes which release peptides resulting in an enhanced and very special flavour. These coffee seeds are manually collected, extensively washed in running water over several days, dried, hand-pounded and graded, then lightly roasted to yield a highly aromatic coffee prized for its unique taste.

Contents: Pure roasted civet beans

How to use: Best flavours are obtained using a Mocca percolator. Beans should be freshly ground. One heaped tablespoon is suitable for a cup of coffee, which can be had black or with milk.

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Mojo Plantation

Spices Tea & Coffee

Mojo Plantation is a 25-acre spice and coffee farm located at an altitude of 1100 meters in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. The region is richly forested, receiving an annual rainfall of about 5 meters. The terrain is hilly and interspersed with streams through the valleys. Crops are cultivated under the canopies of the rain forest trees.

We follow ecologically sustainable farming practices which enrich the soil with humus formed through our composting systems. Our practices encourage conservation of the local biodiversity which in turn enable a healthy farming ecosystem, adding to the flavors of our highland coffee and spices.