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Mei Organic Farms

Desi Cow Ghee

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Farm made artisanal ghee, traditionally churned from curd, slow cooked in small batches to preserve the flavor and medicinal properties. We prepare curd from organic desi cow milk. Our dairy farm has native Indian cows, bred naturally since we have a bull, we also locally grow the feed and avoid artificial intake or medication. The ghee is infused with organic moringa leaves and has an unique flavor profile. The ghee pairs well with Indian food and can be used in salad and baking.

1 kg of our Desi Ghee is made from 30+ liters of pure desi cow milk. The entire process has 17 unique steps including churning, slow cooking and fermenting. Our handmade process takes about 72 hours to make a single batch of 6 liters of ghee.

Ghee consumption can be in multiple ways for various benefits.

• Relief from joint pain - Mixing one teaspoon of ghee in warm milk with half spoon of turmeric

• To improve metabolism - Use it directly over roti, dhal or rice

• Regular direct intake for slowing down the ageing process

• One teaspoon of daily consumption of ghee by pregnant women can help them increase stamina

• For improving digestion - one can mix ghee with jaggery and ginger powder

• Eating ghee with Triphala can improve eye health

• One can eat ghee in breakfast to fight depression

• Ghee, when applied warm on the scalp, can boost the growth of healthy hair and reduce breakage

• You can make a solution of equal parts of ghee and gram flour, applying it on the face to get healthy skin

• Putting two drops of ghee on the nostrils can help in the treatment of headache and cold

• To get rid of bacteria harmful substances present in the house by adding it in the sacred fire

Disclaimer: Mei organic farm Ghee is not factory-made. Natural variations may occur.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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