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Heera Panna

Green Moong Dal

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  • Heera Panna farm practices ancient natural Vedic style of farming, using organic manure like animal excreta, vegetable compost, and neem cakes. We use methods like crop rotation and hand weeding to maintain soil fertility and soil and to produce the wholesome crop which is very high in its nutrient content
  • No chemicals, pesticides, preservatives - Naturally grown moong dal is a good source of protein, dietary fiber. it is low in fat and rich in potassium, calcium, and b complex vitamins
  • Easy to digest. especially recommended for small children and when recovering from an upset stomach or any sickness. Cooked into soups, purees, khichri, Wada. Its regular use during childhood, pregnancy, and lactation helps one to get the required nutrition and health
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    Heera Panna

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    We are 18 farmer families of Rajasthan. We are sowing indigenous organic seeds for many generations with limited organic grains and pulses. We care about our crop like a jewel hence the name 'Heera Panna'. We believe in traditional ways of processing through hands. Purity is our utmost priority.