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Mojo Plantation

Green Tea (Costus pictus)

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Green Tea (Costus pictus) is grown intercropped with cardamom in the valleys of Mojo Plantation and known as the “insulin plant” in traditional medicine. Leaves or rhizomes consumed fresh or dried regulate blood sugar levels and have liver-protective functions. The leaves have a tangy flavor and make a delicious beverage.

Contents: Pure Costus dried leaves

How to use: Add hot water to a tablespoon of dried Costus leaves, infuse for 5 minutes and it’s ready to drink.

Best before: Four months after opening

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Meet the farmer

Mojo Plantation

Spices Tea & Coffee

Mojo Plantation is a 25-acre spice and coffee farm located at an altitude of 1100 meters in the Kodagu district of Karnataka. The region is richly forested, receiving an annual rainfall of about 5 meters. The terrain is hilly and interspersed with streams through the valleys. Crops are cultivated under the canopies of the rain forest trees.

We follow ecologically sustainable farming practices which enrich the soil with humus formed through our composting systems. Our practices encourage conservation of the local biodiversity which in turn enable a healthy farming ecosystem, adding to the flavors of our highland coffee and spices.