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Threebrothers Farm

Masoori Rice (Unpolished)

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Masoori rice is medium grain, aromatic and lightweight. It is fluffy and versatile as its flavor goes well with a number of preparations. Rice is great for the preparation of South Indian rice dishes like Bisibella rice, tamarind rice, lemon rice, etc. Also, due to its versatile nature, blends very well with continental stewed rice dishes as well. It is unpolished rice and is more nutritious compared to polished. Very easy to digest due to higher roughage content and good for everyday home consumption.

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Threebrothers Farm

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Threebrothers farm is located in the East Champaran district of Bihar. We are doing natural farming of rice, wheat, seeds, and pulses. We believe in purity more than anything and we do processing in the traditional way. We sell unpolished rice and poha made from unpolished rice. Our Katarni Rice is known to be the specialty of Bihar. We believe in sustainability and pack our products in cotton bags which we stitch ourselves. Our aim is to provide good quality food at the lowest price possible.