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  • Rice Peeni (Rice Fryums)
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Athula Nirmiti Organics

Rice Peeni (Rice Fryums)

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Rice peeni is a famous south indian delicacy and is made best quality rice and has to be deep fried and consumed as like papad.

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Athula Nirmiti Organics

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We are conscientious farmers with expertise in organic farming. We have been growing paddy, sugarcane, raw banana, yam but our main crop has been turmeric only for ages. Mr.Prabhu was always inclined towards farming so he took a small step towards organic farming and Athula Gutta joined in this journey around 2011. In the year 2014 during our research for good turmeric, we were introduced to the IISR team. Mr. Prabhu got the seeds for the ACC48 VARIETY from IISR which was later in November 2016 was officially released and named IISR PRAGATHI. In 2018 we started the production for Organic Banana flour and Black Rice, the "Kalabati" variety. Mrs. Athula Gutta started curating healthy recipes with their farm products under the brand Karum Kurum in 2011. The journey to curation with healthy ingredients swaps continues with the launch of healthy snacks and savories, vegan bakes, pickles, masala, papads, and many more with an all-women team. Practicing sustainable organic farming and inspiring other farmers too and providing employment to locals. In rural India, the percentage of women who depend on agriculture for their livelihood is as high as 84%. Women make up about 33% of cultivators and about 47% percent of agricultural laborers. We have been doing farming for ages but what we need and will cherish is an identity of our own. An identity of being a woman farmer." Athula Nirmit Organics runs with “an all-women team of housewives. Women empowerment - understand her skills and mold her for the better. Not just skill but also helping her to achieve financial independence. Helping underprivileged women working with us for medical insurance and education for their children. How ANO kitchen started - Value-added products made out of our own produce. Our main aim was to bring in really good food and authentic foods available for people. And also innovation & curation of new recipes too made out of our own produce. Our main motto " Eat right the healthy way " is what we accomplish with every new dish we curate for our customers with healthy swaps with ingredients. Our kitchen is free from any processed ingredients/preservatives/ artificial flavors/additives.