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Sundried Tomatoes

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Organically grown tomatoes from our farm in Theni has been dried in small batches to preserve all the goodness. We have not added any preservatives, it is chemical free. High in antioxidants and vitamin C, also charged with vitamin A, which helps against eye degeneration and certain cancers such as prostate. Other sun-dried tomato benefits which are linked to their high content of calcium, magnesium and iron include helping to maintain a healthy heart as well as preventing anemia.

Excellent for salads, pasta and countless other dishes when you desire a punch of intense tomato flavor.

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This is the story of a retired teacher who returned back to his ancestral village and has been farming organically for the last seven years. It is a small farm with millets, vegetables, guava, moringa, and papaya trees. We have joined hands with other small-scale organic farmers in the district to share seeds, produce, and stories. We make products like millet muesli, sundried tomatoes, papaya leather in small batches using ingredients from the farm. Keeping the farm sustainable and soil health is our only dream.